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Club Activism

CFUW encourages its members to use their expertise to bring about change, with particular reference to women`s issues such as violence against women, early learning and child care, education, economic prosperity and the empowerment of women as leaders and decision-makers.  CFUW also works on a global level for the adoption and implementation of international agreements that will protect all women and girls.

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Past Events


16 Days of Activism - November 29th, 2021, 7:00-8:30pm

Be an Agent for Change: On the Road to Eradicating Violence Against Women

The event will look at the causes of the culture of gender-based violence that is prevalent in some men’s lives, rather than focusing on the victims of the violence. The program will begin with a timeline that shows how we have traditionally raised boys to manhood, followed by a presentation on a violence prevention program being taught in various local schools. We’ll then see and hear how our language, entertainment, and media support long-standing male stereotypes. To close on a positive note, several organizations that are working to eliminate gender-based violence will be profiled.


Men can be leaders in their relationships with others in taking steps to end the violence. It is important that men, as well as women, become more involved in speaking out when they hear anyone making comments that demean or denigrate women, refer to domestic and sexual abuse as a “women’s issue”, or blame the victims of violence, and the like. 

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