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Literary Society of North Okanagan 

13th Annual Spelling Bee

On October 12, 2022, members from each of CFUW Vernon and Men’s Shed joined forces to field a team at the Literacy Society of the North Okanagan’s 13th annual spelling bee.  The event was held at the Prestige Vernon Lodge, with 14 teams (of 8 people each) participating.  Teams came costumed and armed with creativity and good spirits, mixed with a competitive attitude egged on by Brian and Rebecca of Beach Radio.  It is more than fair to say that a good time was had by all, as can be seen from the photographs.    Not only that, but by participating we became part of the group (including sponsors) that raised $18,000 for the Literacy Society’s Outreach program.   This amount is to be matched through BC’s
Raise-a-Reader campaign.  


We, the Bold’n Agers of CFUW Vernon, were appreciative of having the Hammer Heads from the Men’s Shed  ( ) as part of our team. Other team names included the likes of Word Nerds (Nixon Wenger), Newsbees (Vernon Morning Star), Eggheads (Okanagan College), and Highway to Spell (Valley First Credit Union).   At the end of the basic 3 rounds totaling 15 words, our combined team of Bold’n Agers/Hammer Heads didn’t do too shabbily, coming in tied at second (12 of 15 words correctly spelled) with 3 other teams.  There had to be a tie-breaker round as the Okanagan College Eggheads and Queen Beez came in at 13 correctly spelled words each.  Congratulations to the ultimate winner, the Okanagan College Eggheads. 


Test yourself by having a partner or friend read you the words – you have only 45 seconds per word – the word list is below!  Although we participants were given the benefit of the part of speech, origin, and definition of the word as well as having the word used in a sentence before having to actually spell it, some of us found that most of the time that information didn’t help us at all! We’re looking forward to trying again next year.


  • gobbledygook;

  • Caribbean;

  • Chihuahua;



  • bayonet;

  • diarrhea;

  • exorbitant;

  • hallelujah;

  • liquefy;



  • anemone;

  • boutonniere;

  • Fahrenheit;

  • pinochle;

  • souvenir;



  • ennui;

  • camaraderie;

  • architecture;

  • ptomaine;

  • wildebeest;



  • sepulchre;

  • bougainvilea; and

  • tchotchke.

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